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What does a membership give you?

• Membership card
• 10% discount on tickets to all Folk Harbour society events and Folk Harbour branded merchandise
• Invitations and free admission to special members’ events
• Regular newsletters about Society activities
• The right to vote and run for office in the Society

How do you get a membership?

There are two important steps to completing your membership. In STEP ONE, complete and submit the form below. Memberships are only valid for one person. Each individual seeking a membership must include their name and contact info on the form. In STEP TWO you can add the appropriate amount of memberships to the shopping cart and checkout.

Once we receive your form and payment submissions you will be contacted and supplied with a membership card and discount code to use throughout the year to receive your membership discounts.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us: or 902-634-3180


  • Each membership is only valid for one person. Every individual seeking a membership must fill out their name and contact information. You can add more names by clicking the small + symbol to the right. If there are multiple mailing addresses please include them in the Feedback section at the bottom of the form.
    First NameLast NameEmail AddressPhone Number25 and Under - $10 (Yes or No)26 and Over- $20 (Yes or No) 
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  • If you are renewing your membership you can skip this field or let us know of any address changes.